Purge Adorable Personified Zodiac Signs Of Their Sins In This Turn-Based RPG




Virgo seeks to spread her ideals of perfection, striking out against the other personified Zodiac signs, which she views as heretics, in turn-based RPG Virgo Vs The Zodiac.



Despite its themes of heresy and purges, Virgo VS The Zodiac features a cute art style for its interpretations of the Zodiac signs. That same style can be seen in the game’s world, which features charming interpretations of mythological beings, fantasy creatures, and supernatural deities.


Many of these beings will be Virgo’s enemies, which she will face down in turn-based combat. During these fights, she’ll have access to standard attacks, purge abilities that offer magic-like attacks, and a shield ability that raises her defense. All of these attacks come with a striking pixel art flourish, giving all of her attacks an appealing visual flare. Enemies have similar powers, though, so it will be up to the player to react to what the enemy is doing and protect themselves or fight back accordingly.




Not everyone Virgo meets will be an enemy, despite her grim cause. She will be accompanied by a living cookie, Gingerbread Man, who will assist her on her journey. She will also be able to meet other friendly creatures who may have some silly things to say despite her bloody work. Players can expect puns everywhere, from NPCs to combat abilities, as well.


Virgo VS The Zodiac is currently in development.

Alistair Wong
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