Put Danganronpa Characters on Your Walls With Anniversary Tapestries

danganronpa characters tapestries

Spike Chunsoft sounded the alarm about new merchandise featuring Danganronpa characters on Twitter. Pre-orders have opened for the Danganronpa Series 10th Anniversary Fair at EJ Anime Store. The collection features features characters from all three games. People can get things like acrylic cards, acrylic boards, bags, pins, and tapestries. Items are expected to ship in March 2021.

While prices for everything are shown in yen, EJ Anime Store will ship things worldwide. Also, all of the items with “includes a 10th anniversary bonus item” in their title come with an bromide with one of 33 Danganronpa characters on it.

First, there are the Danganronpa Series 10th Anniversary Fair B4 tapestries. These feature chibi versions of the main characters, their names, and their titles. Each one costs ¥3,300 (~%32) each and is about 10” by 14.”

Here’s a list of all the Danganronpa characters who have their own tapestries.

  • Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc: Aoi, Byakuya, Celestia, Chihiro, Hifumi, Junko, Kiyotaka, Kyoko, Leon, Makoto, Mondo, Monokuma, Mukuro, Sakura, Sayaka, Toko, and Yashiro
  • Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair: Akane, Byakuya, Chiaki, Fuyuhiko, Gundham, Hajime, Hiyoko, Ibuki, Izuru, Kazuichi, Mahiru, Mikan, Monomi, Nagito, Nekomaru, Peko, Sonia, and Teruteru
  • Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony: Angie, Gonta, Himiko, K1-B0, Kaede, Kaito, Kirumi, Kokichi, Korekiyo, Maki, Miu, Rantaro, Ryoma, Shuichi, Tenko, and Tsumugi.

The Danganronpa acrylic boards involve some more obscure characters. There are two options. Each one involve characters from Danganronpa, Danganronpa 2, and the light novel Danganronpa Zero. They’re ¥2,970 (~$28) each. One has characters watching Chihiro and Chiaki playing a video game. The other has characters like Celestia, Makoto, and Nagito playing Mahjong.

The Danganronpa pins are based on designs from the acrylic boards. Which means they again involve people from the first two games and light novel. You can buy one blind box pin for ¥550 (~$5.30) from the Game Tournament or Mahjong Tournament collection. You could also buy complete sets of each of the two, which each include 20 pins, for ¥11,000 (~$105) each.

There are also decorative acrylic cards. These involve Danganronpa 2 characters. Each one is designed to look like an Instagram post and has a clear background so you can layer them with other background images. There are 16 styles and you can pay ¥990 (~$9.50) for one random design or ¥15,840 (~$152) for the full set.

Finally, there’s the Danganronpa V3 bag. It’s black and has Monokuma-inspired designs. It costs ¥3,520 (~$34).

All of the Danganronpa characters’ merchandise will be available to pre-order until February 15, 2021. The items are expected to ship in March 2021.

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