Put Your Nostalgia Goggles On For The “Retro-Core” Super Win The Game



Minor Key Games has released its “retro-core” exploration platformer Super Win The Game on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


It’s the commercial follow-up to the freeware You Have To Win The Game, which was considered by some to be the best free platformer of 2012. Minor Key claims that Super Win The Game is more of the same, but it has a bigger world with more secrets to find.


It’s a simple, 8-bit game that will probably dismantle those sweet, heart-swelling bouts of nostalgia you have when looking at it due to its tougher sections. Don’t expect an easy ride. You’ll have to find you way around a mysterious world, collecting power-ups, gaining new abilities, and dying and dying and dying.


As you can see in screenshots, Super Win The Game simulates the look of a CRT monitor to round out its retroness – don’t worry it’s customizable and you can even turn it off.


You can purchase Super Win The Game right now on Steam for $12.99, or $14.99 if you want the soundtrack thrown on top.

Chris Priestman