Put Your Sword Skills To The Test In Samurai Fighting Game Kiai Resonance



Belgian indie game studio Absorb Reality has released a trailer for its samurai sword fighting game Kiai Resonance. As you can see, the game boasts an art style made to look like old Japanese paintings.


Each match in the game features two samurai characters that are looking for that single deadly slice that will kill their opponent outright. As the fight can be over so quickly, it becomes a game of patience and trying to outwit your opponent.


As well as these online and offline 1v1 fights, Kiai Resonance has single player tests of your skill. In these, you have to chop bamboo with your sword, survive rooms in which arrows are fired at you, and stand against waves of rushing enemies.


Kiai Resonance is scheduled to be released for PC in late December 2014. More details for the game will arrive on the game’s website in time.

Chris Priestman