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Puyo Puyo Chronicle Gets Its First Trailer, Details More Of Its New RPG Features



Sega revealed the latest on their recently announced 3DS RPG puzzler, Puyo Puyo Chronicle, with a new trailer and details on the game’s official website.


The above is a look at the game’s first trailer.



Arle and Carbuncle were having fun playing, when suddenly, they get sucked inside  a mysterious picture book.


At first, they thought it may have been a prank from Satan, but Satan, who was acting strangely, disappeared somewhere.


That’s when they meet a mysterious young girl by the name Arie, and for some reason, she calls Arle a “hero.”


In order to get back to their world, Arle and Carbuncle will go off on a grand adventure together with Arie.



From left to right we have:

  • Arle (CV: Mie Sonozaki)
  • Carbuncle (CV: Tamaki Nakanishi)
  • Amitie (CV: Shiho Kikuchi)
  • Ringo (CV: Asami Imai)
  • Arie (CV: Honoka Inoue)



Puyo Puyo Chronicle’s main feature is the RPG Mode, where you’ll get to freely control 3D model characters to explore the world.



There are a bunch of unique monsters that you’ll get to see, such as the ones in the above image.



The RPG Mode has plenty to offer with its main quests, but there are also plenty of sub-quests for you to take on as well.



Puyo Puyo Chronicle introduces a new kind of rule called “Skill Battle,” used in the main story. In this rule, you form a team of up to three characters and level them up in RPG fashion.




While the new rule implements elements from RPGs, the battle itself is done in action puzzle format, which is familiar to past Puyo Puyo games.



Additionally, the game offers a local connectivity mode called “Boss Fight with Everyone,” where you get to team up with a party of four to take on a boss. By defeating powerful bosses, you can acquire some rare items.



In addition to the new Skill Battle rule, the game offers 17 different popular rules such as “Puyo Puyo Tsu,” “Puyo Puyo Fever,” and more. You’ll also get to take on players online in the “Internet Versus” mode (this mode only has some of the rules).


Puyo Puyo Chronicle releases in Japan on December 8, 2016 for Nintendo 3DS.

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