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Puzzle Bobble VR Will Let You Shoot Down Bubbles In First-Person

Taito announced a new game in the Puzzle Bobble series (also known as Bust-a-Move). The new title is currently just called Puzzle Bobble VR and is being developed by Taito alongside California-based VR game developer Survios for the Oculus Quest. Additionally, the company also released an update on the new content being added to Bubble Bobble 4 Friends.

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Puzzle Bobble VR will bring the series into true 3D for the first time and will likely require players to match together three-of-a-kind combos like in the other games. Bubbles will float in the space in front of you, and you will have a limited amount of bubbles to shoot at them. (This deviates from the standard formula, which involves a 2D stage with a ceiling gradually descending.) The game will feature brand-new tracks by Taito’s ZUNTATA sound team.

Alongside the new game, Taito also showed off new gameplay for Bubble Bobble 4 Friends. It specifically looked the new mode featuring the return of Baron von Blubba. This mode will include 100 new stages that focus on gimmicks, rather than classic “defeat all enemies” objectives. In every stage, players will have to scramble to escape Baron von Blubba, and a new final boss awaits on the 100th stage. To call attention to this new feature, the PS4 version will be called Bubble Bobble 4 Friends: The Baron is Back!. As previously reported, owners of the Nintendo Switch version will get the content in a free update.

Check out the update and reveal below:

Puzzle Bobble VR is in development for the Oculus Quest. Bubble Bobble 4 Friends is available on the Nintendo Switch, which will get an update with new content alongside the release of the PlayStation 4 version in November 2020.

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