Puzzle & Dragons Gets A Collaboration With Personas 3, 4 And 5


p&d collab

Starting on April 27, 2018 at 10am JST, Persona 3, Persona 4, and Persona 5 characters will be crossing over into Puzzle & Dragons for a collaboration event in Japan. The event will last until May 11, 2018.


Here are the characters that will appear for the collab, according to the official site:

Makoto Yuki:

p&d collab 1


Mitsuru Kirijo and Aigis:

p&d collab 2



p&d collab 3


Yu Narukami:

p&d collab 4


Yosuke Hanamura:

p&d collab 5



p&d collab 6


Ren Amamiya:

p&d collab 7


Goro Akechi:

p&d collab 9


There will also be a collaboration dungeon where enemies such as Pixie, Jack Frost, Cerberus, and King Frost will appear. By beating the dungeon many times, players can receive Caroline and Justine as a unit:

p&d collab 10


At the Monster Exchange, Morgana will be up for keeps as well:

p&d collab 11


Finally, the Persona collaboration will also be extending over to Puzzle & Dragons Radar as well.

p&d collab 12


Puzzle & Dragons is available on iOS and Android.

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