Puzzle & Dragons Producer Looking To Make A Famicom-Style Game



We’ve recently heard about GungHo’s hit mobile game Puzzle & Dragons’ doing better than expected here in the West in our recent interview with the company’s president. In this week’s Famitsu, GungHo producer Daisuke Yamamoto teases a new game he’ll be working on, along with his dreams for the future.


After Puzzle & Dragons being a hit in the mobile market in Japan, GungHo will also be releasing Puzzle & Dragons Z for Nintendo 3DS this winter. Famitsu asks the producer if there are any other games he’d like to work on.


“Actually, there’s something I’ve been wanting to make for a long time,” reveals Yamamoto. “Since last year, I’ve wanted to work on it alongside Puzzle & Dragons, and I couldn’t do it this year either, but I hope we get to start working on it by next year.”


Famitsu asks if he can share what kind of game will it end up being.


“I can’t go into much detail for now… but it will be a pixel-art style game.” replies Yamamoto. “It will kind of bring out a nostalgic Famicom feeling, and I have some really fun ideas for it!”


When asked about what platform the game will be on, Yamamoto says that it will be on smartphones, and that he feels that would be okay even if it weren’t as successful, thanks to Puzzle & Dragons being a big  hit already. Yamamoto hopes to be able to make something he really likes.


Finally, Yamamoto shares a bit about his dreams. Famitsu asks where does he see himself in the next 10 to 20 years.



“I’m 35 right now, so if I do my best, I hope I’ll continue being part of the game industry in 30 years!” shares Yamamoto with a laugh. “I really can’t imagine what the game industry will be like in 30 years, but I also have another personal dream of mine. It’s my long-cherished dream to one day have a theme park based off one of my games.”


“If things goes well, maybe Puzzle & Dragons can make it happen, if not then I can always try with my next work,” he continues. “Nothing is impossible when you think ahead 30 years.”


“I love Disneyland, and I also have a lot of respect for Walt Disney,” Yamamoto replies, when asked why a theme park of all things. “I don’t think Disney would be as popular today, had they only stuck with their cartoons. It’s thanks to their theme parks that they’re able to leave behind their culture to the young and old.”


“Disneyland is also known as the ‘Magic Kingdom’ which shares the experience of giving visitors a memory they’ll remember. Someday, I’d like to be able realize such experiences with a theme parked made after my game, that is my dream.”

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