GungHo Online Entertainment and Nintendo are teaming up for Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition, which is pretty much like Puzzle & Dragons Z for the Nintendo 3DS, except with Mario and friends. Here’s a look at the game’s latest trailer.


The story of Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition starts out with a mysterious “Drop” that suddenly appears in Mushroom Kingdom. Using this new power, Bowser and his gang once again kidnaps Princess Peach.


In order to save her, Mario, Luigi, and friends will have to go on a new adventure, featuring many courses with familiar monsters from the series, except you’ll need to fight them using Puzzle & Dragons-style battles.


In Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition, there are several playable characters and transformations. Here’s a look at some of characters and their Leader skills:


Fire Mario:


Fire Mario’s Leader Skill is Fire Power, which increases the attack and healing of fire-type allies by x1.5


Tail Luigi:



His Tail Aura Leader Skill increases the health and attack of Wood-type allies by x1.5.


Ghost Mario:


When using Ghost Mario’s Leader Skill called Ghost Power, it increases the attack of all allies by x2.5 when attacking three or more different elemental types.



Yellow Yoshi (Assist Skill: Friendship Power Light): Triples the attack of allies when attacking using Water, Wood, and Light.


Green Yoshi (Assist Skill: Friendship Power Wood): Triples the attack of allies when attacking using Fire, Wood, and Dark.


Red Yoshi (Assist Skill: Friendship Power Fire): Triples theattack of allies when attacking using Fire, Wood, and Light.


Statue Mario:


His Leader Skill called Mario’s Divine Favor can increase ally attacks by x3 as long as the allies’ health is above 50%.


2015-02-19_230555 Similar to the original Puzzle & Dragons game, you’ll need to make up your team set ups. You can make as many teams as you want, and you’ll need to decide on the leader and subs.


As far as battles go, it’s pretty similar as well, except all in Mario Bros. fashion, including some iconic skills. You can also level-up, and transform characters at Toad’s House as well. Characters are transformed using special items.


Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition will release in Japan on April 29, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS. The game will release in North America this May.

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