Puzzle & Dragons Takes On Rathalos, Tigrex, And More In New Monster Hunter Collaboration



GungHo Online Entertainment America announced today that players of the hit mobile game Puzzle & Dragons will get to join in on the hunt in a new Monster Hunter collaboration with Capcom, starting today through July 23.


The Monster Hunter collaboration brings in an all-new dungeon featuring fearsome familiar faces from Monster Hunter. The new multiplayer dungeon from the Monster Hunter tie-in brings a new take on the Puzzle & Dragons action by allowing you to team up with three players to cooperatively take on the new dungeon, home to a variety of monsters such as Amatsu, Valphalk, Kirin, Rathalos, and more.


Moreover, players will receive the Male Hunter upon logging into Puzzle & Dragons, as part of the new campaign. The Female Hunter is also up for grabs as a first time clear bonus for beating the Hunt-a-thon-Teams of 4 or less floor in the Monster Hunter collaboration dungeon.


The Hunters can also be evolved into more powerful forms through an Ultimate Evolution that uses material items from the collaboration dungeon. Both Male and Female Hunters can also be purchased in the MP shop for 200,000MP each.


Last but not least, players of Rank 50 or higher will receive one free pull at the Rank 50 Monster Hunter Egg Machine. Here are the monsters available through the new collaboration:


  • Amatsu
  • Massacre Demon Diablos



  • Valphalk
  • Kirin
  • Rathalos
  • Mizutsune
  • Glavenus




  • Gammoth
  • Astalos
  • Rathian
  • Tigrex
  • Nargacuga


Puzzle & Dragons is available on iPhone and Android.

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