Nintendo 3DS

Puzzle & Dragons X Collaboration Brings In Monster Hunter Stories’ Rathalos And Nargacuga


Puzzle & Dragons X released in Japan last month, and the game started its collaboration event with Monster Hunter Stories recently, bringing in Rathalos, Nargacuga, and more.

The event adds a Rathalos and Nargacuga that you’ll get to fight during the period of the collaboration event days.

Rathalos has a powerful ability that can deal massive fire damage  and change all drops into fire drops.

Meanwhile, Nargacuga uses its speed and ability that deals 100,000 damage to an enemy and delays them by one turn.

Both Rathalos and Nargacuga are recruitable to join your party after beating them in the event, which continues until August 17, 2016.

Puzzle & Dragons X is currently available in Japan for Nintendo 3DS. Monster Hunter stories releases in Japan on October 8, 2016 for Nintendo 3DS. You can catch up on the latest to check out a Zinogre Subspecies and a look at flying on Seregios in our previous report.

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