Puzzle Fighter Spaera Lets Players Battle With Tiles And Character-Specific Spells



Spaera, a head-to-head puzzle fighting game now on Steam Greenlight, has players matching sets of tiles while using character-specific spells to mess up their opponent’s strategy.


678124693_preview_Spaera Beta 2 4-27-2016 2-25-41 PM.avi_snapshot_00.54_[2016.05.03_13.57.43]


In Spaera, players need to combine three matching tiles to clear them. New tiles will continually fall from the top of the screen in various combinations and shapes, which players will need to place properly. Once three tiles come together in a match, they will disappear, causing the remaining tiles in the piece to cascade down, which allows for combinations and chains.


678124693_preview_Spaera Beta 2 4-27-2016 2-43-21 PM.avi_snapshot_02.19_[2016.05.03_13.47.02]


Players that do well will build up a power meter, and once it is full, they’ll be able to cast one of four protection/attack spells that their specific chosen avatar has access to. These spells will either help clear the player’s own board or make a mess of their opponent’s in various ways.


678124693_preview_Spaera Beta 2 4-27-2016 2-30-16 PM.avi_snapshot_01.37_[2016.05.03_14.05.04]


Spaera is set to release late in 2016, although players can sign up for the current beta on the developer’s site.

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