Puzzle Games And Mahjong Might Actually Make For A Good Mix



Cyberagent are coming out with a new puzzle game called Mogura. The mobile game isn’t interested in cutesy graphics and cuddly animals so rampant in the genre, and will mesh puzzle gaming with Japanese mahjong.




Details are scant on how both elements will work together just yet, though there will be stages for players to advance through. There is, however, a (potentially NSFW) Twitter account for the game which is run by a lady whose eyes are censored out, tagged Mogura Sexy.



Artistically, the game seems to cleave a little closer to a more “serious” art style, though different characters with different art styles are shown in the screenshot above, with the girl looking more anime-ish than the men.


Mogura is scheduled to be out later this year for iOS and Android. Pre-registration is open on their site.