Puzzle Quest 3 Will Be Free-to-Play When It Debuts

puzzle quest 3

Puzzle Quest is coming back. While there are no screenshots suggesting what the latest entry will look like this time around, we do know that people with a PC or mobile device will be able to hop into Puzzle Quest 3 in 2021. It’ll be especially easy to do, as the match-3 RPG will be a free-to-play game.

Like its predecessors, Puzzle Quest 3 will be set in the same world and still involve the matches where every fight involves making matches of three or more items on a board to impair and damage your opponents. By doing so, you’ll get further in your quest across the land of Etheria.

Here’s the first Puzzle Quest 3 teaser trailer. It focuses on the general premise, rather than showing any actual gameplay.


The official website is also open. However, there’s nothing really there yet. All people can do is sign up for a mailing list to be alerted when Infinity Plus 2 and 505 Games do have something to announce.

While people wait, there is another entry folks can easily enjoy. Back in 2019, Puzzle Quest: The Legend Returns appeared on the Nintendo Switch. Its an enhanced remaster of the gae that also included its Revenge of the Plague Lord and Attack of the Golem Lord expansions.

Puzzle Quest 3 will come to the PC and both Android and Apple iOS devices in 2021.

Jenni Lada
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