Over at GoNintendo a reader discovered Amazon had a page up for a Nintendo Wii version of Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords priced at $29.99. A quick search in Amazon’s database shows a Playstation 2 port might also come out at the low price of $19.99. It makes sense that D3 Publisher is trying to get Puzzle Quest out to the masses, it’s a great game and a certified sleeper hit.


However, if the Nintendo Wii version doesn’t have any differences I’d opt for a portable copy of Puzzle Quest. You can play it on your lunch break, while you’re on the train and when you get back home. Less restrictions on where you can play, more time fining five-of-a-kind combos. There is also an Xbox 360 version coming out on Xbox Live Arcade, which includes online play. Unless you’re stuck with an original Xbox you’ve got no excuse to try Puzzle Quest out!

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