Puzzle Quest Meets Dragon Quest In This Retro Puzzle RPG



Block Legend is a pixel-graphic puzzle-based game from new devs Dot Warrior Games. The two-man team’s smartphone game reminds us of Puzzle Quest’s match-3 mechanics and utilization of skills during combat, and the retrolicious pixel-art of old-school Dragon Quest.



Interestingly, the game also claims it will have no in-app micro-transactions.


Block Legend will also include, in addition to what the devs promise to be a “huge” selection of heroes—including a salaryman, basketball star and what looks suspiciously like an R-Type ship alongside the Dragon Quest RPG vibe-character—multiple regions to explore and about 100 quests to complete.


Matching blocks and such fills up meters that unleash attacks, and players can also utilize treasures and spells to shake things up further. One of the fun ones we saw in the trailer was Blockscalibur, which destroys every block with a potential match.



And what sort of RPG game would Block Legend be without boss monsters? There’s a shot of the Behemoth, so huge it actually comes out of the preview shot in battle and surrounds the entire map.


Block Legend is shooting for a March release on iOS and Android.