Puzzle-Solving Skills Will Help Players Save The Dying, Story-Altering Townsfolk Of Vidar

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A puzzle-filled dungeon stands between the player and keeping a town’s people safe in Vidar, a game where its NPCs die nightly, constantly changing the story.


Vidar features a monster that kills one of its townsfolk nightly. In order to stop its daily murder, players will have to explore a dungeon filled with puzzles, using tools and their wits to solve them all. The dungeon draws from a random pool of puzzles, though, so players won’t be able to anticipate what mysteries they’ll need to solve on their journey.

In the meantime, as players build up their supply of tools, they’ll have to deal with a story that can shift in multiple ways. The monster kills someone at random each night, but each NPC has connections to others, meaning their quests, behavior, and story will change if someone close to them dies. This can change up the quests that are available, as well as force players to go without certain gear, as well as alter the narrative.


Puzzle-loving players who wish to witness the various ways the story can change can grab the full version of the game now, as it has just left Steam Early Access and gone onto its full Steam release.

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