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Puzzles & Traps Make Life Difficult Outside Of Combat In This RPG


    Noahmund doesn’t just aim to challenge players with its chess-like combat, as outside of a fight, there are still plenty of puzzling environments that can only be traversed with specific player powers, and lots of traps that players will have to disable in a hurry.


    In Noahmund, players will follow Galina, Stalos, and Berani, a group of adventurers who find themselves banding together in a world where water is a powerful commodity and a terrifying weapon of flames aims to turn the tide of war. Each of these three people have their own skills to fight with, using Galina’s healing, Stalos elemental abilities and traps, and Berani’s charging skills to fight foes on the game’s chess-like grid combat.

    When outside of battle, Noahmund still aims to challenge its players. Each dungeon features some puzzling environments for players to work their way through, with Stalos able to throw knives to activate things, Berani smashing through walls to break them, and Galina memorizing map locations in order to return to them. These powers will be put to use to get through a variety of puzzle-like rooms, giving players’ minds a workout.


    While exploring, players will also need to be on the lookout for traps. These mechanisms can spring up at any time, damaging the party or inflicting ailments, but players can avoid these by playing a disabling minigame. If players can beat this little game before time runs out or they exhaust all of their attempts, they’ll be safe.

    Noahmund is currently raising votes on the Square Enix Collective, and is projected to release in Spring 2018 for PC and Winter 2018 for PS4.

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