It’s a port of Angel Love Online. Q Entertainment who has a penchant for publishing cashop MMOs in Japan brought a build of the PlayStation3  version of Angel Love Online at Tokyo Game Show last year. We caught a statement from Q Entertainment saying the game would be ready in the summer. The official release date for the PlayStation 3 Angel Love Online client is now September 25 for Japan.


You can use your PC created character in the PlayStation 3 version, but it doesn’t look like characters made on a US server will be compatible. Angel Love Online requires players to access their character through a Qonline QID. The client and the game are free to play so if you want to test riding a rooster and wearing a wizard outfit out on the PS3 you can do it without spending a penny. Just make sure you have a USB keyboard handy so you can communicate with the other rooster riding wizards.


Images courtesy of Q Entertainment.

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