The Quest To Build Monster Hunter Generation’s Most Powerful Prowler

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Last week I started streaming the main story for Monster Hunter Stories, but with the holiday season reaching its peak, we’ve decided to postpone our stream. Siliconera’s Monster Hunter Stories stream will return in January, but while you’re downing that holiday eggnog, you can grab a few friends and enjoy some feasting and merriment in Monster Hunter Generations, leaving a trail of Christmas carnage behind you with the most powerful Prowler the game has to offer.


Here’s how to make to make it:

Prowler – World’s Strongest

To begin, head to your home and download the Nekojiro Palico from the DLC menu – you will need to pass its ability, World’s Strongest, to your Palico of choice. This variation of the Boomerang Prowler is pure perfection. It makes a wuss out of the strongest wyvern. It is arguably the best weapon Monster Hunter Generations has to offer, and in the right hands can down a High Rank Malfestio in 7 minutes or less.

Support Bias: Fighting (for bruising), or Protection (for not getting bruised)
Fighting Cats have an extra 60 attack with World’s Strongest when they hit level 50, but they lose a LOT of defense. Protection Cats only gain an extra 50 attack, but lose far less defense and will take more hits without armor. Pairing it with Guard (L) make it an excellent defensive choice.

Target: N/A

You don’t need to set this to anything in particular unless you are running this build as a Palico, which isn’t necessarily recommended.

Weapon: F Scorched Whiskers (High Rank Glavenus weapon), F Silverwind Star S (High Rank Nargacuga weapon), or any weapon with high Elemental Damage/Affinity


You have the most flexibility here and there are arguments to be made for each one of them – but the two I’ve had the most success with are F Scorched Whiskers and F Silverwind Star S. F Scorched Whiskers works best when you’re running Earplugs and want to cut tails, and F Silverwind Star S works best when you’re running Critical Up (L), as its affinity is boosted to 50%. With Piercing Boomerangs, you’re guaranteed that half of your attacks land critical hits.



Support Moves: Piercing Boomerangs, Big Boomerangs, Emergency Retreat, Poison Purr-ison, Dung Bombay, Shock Purr-ison Sumo Stomp, Guard (L)

On the topic of skills, everything in italics is not necessary – but nice to have. While I use my assist Prowler for trapping, I use my World’s Strongest prowler for farming and deviant hunting. You will need to teach your Fighting Prowler Emergency Retreat, or a Protection Prowler Piercing Boomerangs. You are completely invulnerable during Sumo Stomp’s animation, and the attack does KO damage to boot – so it’s like an offensive Emergency Retreat. Since you don’t have armor in this build, Dung Bombay helps taking huge hits from getting pinned by monsters. Traps are self-explanatory, but unnecessary if you are using our Trappurr build from our article on effective Palico Builds. Guard (L) is only necessary for Protection bias cats. For offense, you only need the first three.


Palico Skills: World’s Strongest, Critical Up (S), Critical Up (L) or Earplugs, Boomerang Pro


World’s Strongest increases your Prowler’s attack by 150% and defense by 200% when it isn’t wearing armor. Critical Up (L) + Critical Up (S) increases your affinity by 30% which, depending on the weapon, can help you land critical damage on 50% of your attacks. If you want to bypass affinity, use Earplugs, which let you attack throughout a Monster’s roaring. Boomerang Pro will boost the damage granted to you by Piercing Boomerangs and Big Boomerangs.


Well, we have the build – how to you get the template?


We gave away two Palicoes during our Monster Hunter Stories stream – Sili and Benkei – both are Fighting bias cats that can be built into this Prowler. While they lack support in the form of Traps and Dung Bombs, they have all of their offensive capabilities built in: Sili can be built into a World’s Strongest Prowler that uses Earplugs, while Benkei goes on the full offensive with both Critical Up (S) and Critical Up (L).


If you missed the distribution, don’t worry – I will be giving them away over the next two weeks and during our future streams in January. You can follow me on Twitter for details on distribution events. Happy Hunting!

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