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R-Type Final 2 Deploys A New Trailer Showcasing The Start Scene Of TW-3B Blue Symphonies



Granzella released a new trailer for R-Type Final 2 where we get to see the start scene for the TW-3B Blue Symphonies, a tank offshoot of the TW-2 Kiwi Berry, and one of the proposed additional player ships.


TW-3B Blue Symphones – Symphonies of Combat


TW-3B Blue Symphoniesis a tank offshoot of the ground-based attach vehicle, TW-2 Kiwi Berry.
The cannon on its head requires 7 Loop charges, but it has the most destructive power among all the aircraft participating in this mission.
It is equipped with a variety of powerful weapons, including antiaircraft missiles and Rainbow machine guns.
From the tip of the Force, heroic music roars and which has the effect of encouraging allies.


R-Type Final 2 is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. It is expected to release in December 2020. Check our previous report for a look at the other proposed spacecrafts from earlier this month.

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