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R-Type Final 2 Shows Off Early Gameplay Demo Against The Bydo Menace


    rtype final 2 tgs

    Granzella showed off R-Type Final 2 at TGS 2019 today with a gameplay demo, and Famitsu has gone hands-on to see just how the game feels and plays in its current state.


    Check the gameplay out below:

    Some points from the video:

    • Controller rumble occurs when you shoot the wave cannon.
    • The graphics are really pretty, and the wave cannon feels as amazing to shoot out as usual.


    Renowned Japanese shmup player sht was present at TGS, and listed off a few points he found regarding the gameplay:

    • There is an Autofire button accessed by pressing R1, although it’s not that quick. It seems that this is to throttle turbo pads.


    • There are four levels of speed that the ship can be changed to, via L1/L2. However, the speed level is only shown when changing it as of this build.


    • There are five difficulty settings in the current build: Practice, Kids, Normal, Bydo, and R-Typer. However, just by this demo, sht wasn’t able to find the difference between Normal and R-Typer.


    • The game will have players restarting from checkpoints, as per R-Type tradition. If you get the same power ups consecutively, they will be powered up.


    • During charge shots, there is some frame drops, rather than slowdown.


    • Overall, the game makes you feel, ‘Oh, this is R-Type’.


    R-Type Final 2 is in development for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. We recently talked to the game’s director, Kazuma Kujo, for Disaster Report 4 and R-Type, and you can read more about it here.

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