Ubisoft are publishing a new Rabbids game for the Nintendo 3DS—Rabbids Rumble, which sounds like a cross between a monster game like Pokémon and a mini-game collection. In one part of their description, Ubisoft mention that Rabbids Rumble will have Augmented Reality mini-games, while in another they mention collecting over 100 Rabbids and turn-based battles.


Rabbids Rumble will have both a solo campaign and multiplayer battles. Each Rabbid will have its own abilities for battling, and you’ll be able to train them and make them stronger.


Using SpotPass, Ubisoft will distribute new Rabbids to add to your collection. StreetPass can be used to unlock new Rabbids, too. Rabbids Rumble will be released this November. You can view screenshots of the game below.



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