Rabi Ribi, A Game Of Bunny Girls And Adventure, Now Available On Steam

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Exploration, explosive bullet-dodging action, and cuteness meet in Rabi Ribi, which is now available for $17.99 on Steam.




Erina was just a regular bunny when, one day, she found herself in a new world with a whole new human body. Joining with RIbbon, a fairy, she sets off to discover what has happened to her and why all of these people are shooting at her.




Rabi Ribi is a 2D action platformer that plays out in a non-linear style, allowing players to explore as they see fit, collecting permanent power-ups along the way. The game also draws some inspiration from bullet hell shmups, using complex shot patterns with its enemies and bosses.




Several difficulty modes make the game more approachable for players of any skill level. Special attention has been given to post-game activities, with a post-game story, Boss Rush, and Speed Run modes available to players who are looking for more from the game once they’ve completed it.

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