Race Against Friends On A Backflipping Yak In This Wacky 2D Racer



Mutant Labs has released the first trailer for its competitive 2D iOS and Android racing game Yak Dash: Horns of Glory. It’s based upon traditional Tibetan yak racing and is a test of reaction time, skill, and bravado.


Yak Dash will have 17 levels across grassland, icy tundra, desert, and volcanic terrain when released. To beat them all you’ll need to have your yak jump across chasms and smash through obstacles.


It’s optional, but if you want to look even better while backflipping your yak across cliffsides then you can customize your rider and your yak.


Looking good won’t help you with steering your yak, though, and if you don’t do it well enough then you’ll end up wiping out, denying yourself the chance of a medal, and to unlock more treacherous courses to beat.


And you’ll need to be even better to beat your friends in head-to-head contests or on the global leaderboards, plus you’ll probably need to discover the shortcuts in each of them to come out on top, so make sure you do.


Yak Dash: Horns of Glory will be coming to iOS and Android soon. Look out for more updates on its official website.

Chris Priestman