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Rack N Ruin Wants You To Destroy The World



Rack N Ruin sends you to a friendly planet where people live full and happy lives, where the meadow  grass is springy, and children can play in the streets fearful of nothing. And asks you to destroy it.


Yep, you’re evil, the bad guy, the bringer of the apocalypse. Well, you will be. You play as Rack, who is sent his master Ruin, to destroy this world. And so you march across the surface turning every pleasantry into a twisted nightmare.


Although it may initially look like a hack ‘n’ slasher, Rack N Ruin is actually has fast-paced shooter-style combat, complete with bullet patterns. You’ll have to fight against the heroes that come to stop you, as well as the demons you create out of the pain and agony you bring to the land.



There are over 25 unique weapons and items within the game, letting you summon bombs turrets, black holes, fiery tornadoes, and plenty of bombs. You earn these upgrades by selling the souls of the innocent to a wizard, but you will have to endure their tragic back stories before doing so, you may even feel bad about what you’re doing… nah.


Oh, and when Rack gets powerful enough, you can decide whether to let Ruin, your master step in to finish the job, or bring in the apocalypse yourself. I sense a power struggle of evil here.


Rack N Ruin will be coming to PlayStation 4 soon. It’s been in development by LifeSpark Entertainment for the past three years.

Chris Priestman