Radiation Age Is A Tactical RPG Set In The Aftermath Of The Ozone Layer’s Destruction


With the heat steadily rising in their shelter, it is no longer safe to live in, forcing the player’s mutated character into the irradiated surface world of Radiation Age, a tactical RPG set in a future where the ozone layer has been destroyed.


Despite the planet being bathed in UV rays and cosmic radiation, life has not been snuffed out, but has rather changed. Players will stumble across all manner of plant life, animals, and humans who have tried to live on the surface. The radiation has changed them all, though, making for a hostile environment to work through.

Players have only survived this long due to the hardy nature of the heroes they can choose to play as. each of the game’s available heroes has some powerful abilities, such as being great shots, excellent medics, or cunning explosive artists. They have also lasted due to mutations that have occurred. These mutations will let the player equip new powers, making them immune to radiation, gain increased strength, or give them perfect vision as they gain experience. 


These powers will help the player survive the dangers on Radiation Age’s surface world. Players will engage their foes in turn-based combat, moving through a hex grid to position themselves to take shots or take cover against the enemies that attack them. Players will have a set number of action points to spend on each of their turns, using them for movement attacks, or other abilities until they run out.

Radiation Age’s story is split into optional and mandatory missions, each offering unique challenges and story decisions. Players are free to tackle these missions in various ways as well, letting players take different approaches rather than be forced into completing a stage in a specific way.


Radiation Age is projected to release in the Summer of 2018, and is currently raising development funds on IndieGoGo.

Alistair Wong
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