Ragna From BlazBlue Wrote A Light Novel, And It’s Being Turned Into A Vita Game

Arc System Work’s Groundhog-day horror/mystery visual novel game Getsuei Academy Kou has released a trailer of its varied characters. Most of them will be part of the school’s student council, who look set to be part of the fight against the mysterious Hazards that walk the lands, if the trailer is any indicator.

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Getsuei Academy Kou is based off the light novel of the same name by Tomokazu Sugita (BlazBlue’s Ragna the Bloodedge/Gintama’s Sakata Gintoki’s voice actor). Players are Hiroshi Toyama, a transfer student to Getsuei Academy who transfers to protect his grandparents from his parents. Unfortunately, his first day… doesn’t go so well. Warned that “ghosts stalk the school” he disregards it and is subsequently caught face-to-face with the hellish Hazard demons.


Toyama is saved by Eiri Mizuki, another first-year student, who then kills him. Or does she? He awakens the next day only to realize it’s the same day as yesterday.


Getsuei Academy Kou is headed to the PlayStation Vita October 10th.

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