Ragnarok Online 2 Update Brings Some Wicked Mounts And Costumes

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In the November random box update from Ragnarok Online 2’s US servers, players can get a shot at one of six costumes, one of twelve masks, or one of six special mounts if you crack them open.


This month’s big special is the Tame Kalberop mount, all crystal spikes and doggy awesomeness, while costumes run the gamut of Devils, Detectives, Lady Cape costume (which looks too much like a Little Red Riding Hood get-up to me) standing next to a bad boy Wolf costume. There’s also that bizarro pajama costume…


dethat detset

capehood capecost

pajamahat npajama

Those lower half costumes combine with the accessory random box for the helms for each, including a dapper monocle for the Phantom Thief outfit and the cool Wolf mask to complete the Wolf costume look. While it might sound like hell opening dozens of boxes for a random shot at the dice, at least they’ll come with Chance coupons which you can then trade in with NPC Munil in Prontera.


Ragnarok Online 2 is out now for PC.


devilset noelcape

1111 maledetec

maledevilcost maletheif


queenmask wolfmask

mount2 mount7

mount3 mount6

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