Raid Villagers For Fun And Profit In The Witch And The Hundred Knight

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NIS America have released two new video clips and some screenshots of upcoming witchy-witch title The Witch And The Hundred Knight, with the first showing off how to combine different skills—called Tochkas—to great effect.


In the above clip, the Hundred Knight uses a Dekoimo decoy to draw away the small swarm of blunt-wielding foes, before dropping a Type-8 Time Bomb Tochka into their midst for massive damage.



The second shows off what happens when uppity villagers get in the way just happen to be where swamp witch Metallia’s new domain lies. Players will be able to raid homes and dominate the owner within, which loots it of the treasure listed. Whether you succeed or not might have to do with both your versus their levels, since you also get to see the villager’s level and owner-type before going in.


Once dominated, it’s possible to go back into the home again for various effects such as boosting experience, recovering Gigacals or even increasing the bonus meter for the level. However, raid too many houses and Karma will rise, resulting in pitchforks and torches from villagers.



For those just joining us, the game stars (kinda) swamp witch Metallia, who’s fed up that she can’t go beyond her swamp’s borders. In order to see the world, she enlists the legendary Hundred Knight to help “expand” her swamp throughout the land of Medea. Players control the Hundred Knight as he wanders the land smashing things in and indiscriminately bashing in the doors of “innocent” villagers.





The Witch and the Hundred Knight is slated for a PlayStation 3 release March 25th in the US and March 21st in Europe both in retail stores and on PSN.

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