Raiden V: Director’s Cut Announced For PS4 And PC, Brings Local Two Player Co-op

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After appearing on an Amazon listing a few days ago, Moss and UFO Interactive made it official by announcing Raiden V: Director’s Cut, a PS4 and PC port with some added extras to the previously Xbox One-exclusive shmup.



Here are the features for Raiden V: Director’s Cut:


  • Extreme GraphicsRaiden V: Director’s Cut features full 1080P support to bring every explosion, missile attacks and boss kills to earth shattering realism on HDTV’s and monitors


  • Tri View HUDRaiden V: Director’s Cut reaches new levels of frenetic and heart pounding action as real time game status changes, command center data and game play simultaneously and continuously update you on the action


  • Multiplayer – First time ever, local two-player cooperative play!


  • Cheer Attack – A Powerful special attack for your secondary weapons – but only for a few seconds – don’t miss your window!


  • Fully Narrated Storyline – who’s got time to read!


  • New Ships – 3 Unique Ships with different strengths and weapons


  • Health Bars – Keep an eye on your ship’s health if you want to make it to your final destination


  • PSS4 Limited Edition – Exclusive 22* track separate music soundtrack CD


And here are some screenshots for the shmup port:








Raiden V: Director’s Cut releases this fall for PlayStation 4 and PC in North America, Europe, and Japan.

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