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Raiden V: Director’s Cut To Release On The Switch In June With Extra OST


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Supply chains have confirmed recently that Raiden V: Director’s Cut, which was rated earlier this year by the ESRB, will be released in June 2019. [Thanks, NintendoSoup!]


Just like the PC version, each copy of the game will come out with a soundtrack CD. Here’s the details for the Switch version:

  • Supports 1 – 2 players (offline)
  • New ship damage system (uses health bar, not lives)
  • 3 distinct ships with different Defense, Mobility, and sub-weapons
  • New “Cheer Attack” that greatly boosts sub-weapons for a short time
  • Voice Acting for the first time in the series
  • Director’s Cut exclusive levels


Languages: English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese


Finally, here’s the trailer for the Switch version below:


Raiden V: Director’s Cut is available on PlayStation 4 and PC, and is coming to the Switch in June 2019.

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