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Rainbow 6 Siege 2B and Nier Cosmetics Go on Sale

Rainbow 6 Siege 2B Nier

It’s time for the operators of Team Rainbow to lock and load for the Glory of Mankind. Rainbow Six Siege players can now purchase two cosmetic bundles based on NieR Replicant and NieR Automata. They contain items that will allow players to cosplay in-game as NieR series characters 2B and Nier. The Rainbow 6 Siege 2B pack is called the Elite Iana YoRHa bundle, and the previously revealed Rainbow 6 Siege Nier pack is called the Maverick NieR Replicant bundle.

Check out the trailer for the Rainbow 6 Siege 2B cosmetics below.

The Elite Iana YoRHa Bundle is designed for the character Iana, an Attacker operator from the Netherlands. Iana commands the power of the Gemini Replicator gadget in-game. It creates a holographic decoy of Iana. That decoy can then be controlled remotely to scout ahead, spot traps, and deceive defenders. The Rainbow 6 Siege 2B cosmetic dresses Iana in a YoRHa-issue Android uniform, including the standard blindfold, dress, and high-heeled boots. Her standard-issue ARX200 assault rifle and Mk1 9mm sidearm also get a color scheme that matches that of the Machine Lifeforms from NieR Automata.

Below is the full trailer for the Rainbow 6 Nier bundle, which applies to American operator Maverick.

Maverick wields a special Exothermic-S “Suri” Breaching Torch. The torch can burn through any breachable surface in the game to create lines of sight or paths for entry. The Maverick NieR Replicant bundle dresses the Delta Force operator up as Nier. The costume matches the look of Nier from Act II of the story, and includes engraved skins for Maverick’s M4 and AR-15.50 assault rifles and 1911 TACOPS handgun.

The Rainbow 6 Siege NieR series cosmetic bundles are available for purchase. The game itself can be played on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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