Söldner-X developer, Eastasiasoft, will be releasing a strategy RPG on the PlayStation Network next month, titled Rainbow Moon. The game’s protagonist is Baldren, who gets warped by his arch-enemy to a planet named Rainbow Moon. In this process, an inter-dimensional gate opens up and monsters begin to crawl through. In order to close the gate and warp himself back to his home, Baldren needs to collect seven artefacts from the dungeons located on the planet.


While you begin Rainbow Moon with just Baldren, you’ll be able to recruit other characters in the game, and assign them as your party leader. There are six of these characters and assigning one as your party leader will let you control them.


Random encounters in Rainbow Moon are optional. While they do exist in the game, you can choose to avoid them any time you want. Battles are also begun by bumping into enemies that are roaming around freely. Once a battle begins, you’ll be taken to the battle grid where you can begin fighting. There are over 150 battle maps in the game, depending on the kind of terrain you’re on.


In battle, enemies have their own behaviour patterns. For example; attacking the weakest, strongest, closest or a specific member of your party. Winning battles yields experience and Rainbow Pearls, which are used to raise your stats. Skills can be levelled up, too, but this is done by using them frequently on enemies.


Rainbow Moon will be released on the North American PlayStation Network sometime in July for $15. Europe will see the game on July 4th for €12.99 / £9.99 / AU$ 19.95.



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