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Rainbow Skies Won’t Continue The Story Of Rainbow Moon, But Is A Spiritual Successor



SideQuest Studios has released the first trailer for its “indirect” RPG sequel Rainbow Skies. You can watch it above.


By an “indirect” sequel, SideQuest refers to how Rainbow Skies won’t continue the storyline or characters of Rainbow Moon. The same gameplay and structure remains, though, and there will be 10 times the amount of it in this upcoming sequel than there was in Rainbow Moon.


As for the story, SideQuest has dropped this sentence: “The game tells the story of the three young protagonists Damion, Layne and Ashly, that meet under unforeseen circumstances and who become caught in the deadly crossfire of two rival super powers.”


It’s not all just more of the same, as significant new features in Rainbow Skies include capturing and upgrading monsters, a new advanced battle system with skill combining attacks, and new treasure hunt quests.


Lastly, SideQuest originally announced Rainbow Skies for a 2014 release, but now it has confirmed that it won’t be coming PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 until 2015.

Chris Priestman