Raise The Dead Wants You To Experiment On Cute, Silly Zombies



A plague of adorable undead have overtaken the land, but the player can find a cure with a little determination in Raise The Dead.




Players will need to grab zombies to experiment on should they hope to find a cure. To do this, they can find lone undead, zap them with their stun gun to incapacitate them, and then transport them back to their lab. They may wish to avoid large groups, though, as the cute horde can still be quite hostile.


Once in the lab, players can craft potions out of various materials, testing them out on the zombies they’ve collected in order to see what the effects of their combination are. Players can accidentally make their zombies change size, switch shape, alter their colors, or eventually find a cure for the disease altogether. They’re just as free to play around with their captured subjects, though, seeing just how many potions they can make.


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Players can do research in the game to unlock upgrades for their labs, as well as learn about new potion combinations they may not have thought of previously. They can also take time to customize the layout of their lab to allow for better undead containment facilities, or take time to grow their own plants to give them more potion ingredients.


Raise The Dead is raising development funding on Indiegogo as well as votes on Steam Greenlight. The game’s alpha demo is available through

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