Raise A Group Of Powerful Heroes As You Battle Through Roguelike Stoneshard

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Allies will steadily be drawn to the Caravan of Companions the player runs as they score victories against monsters and other foes in roguelike Stoneshard, but these heroes might not exactly get along without some strong leadership.


Players will explore a procedurally-generated countryside, finding cities in peril, dungeons lined with lost gold, and deep, dangerous caverns. As players fight through these places, they’ll find gear as well as grow their strength, letting them customize their warrior with various skill types and weapons that best suit their play style. Death can come easily no matter how much work the player puts into the character, though, with fear, madness, thirst, hunger, and sickness all adding additional ways to die.

Players are responsible for more than just their own lives while on this adventure, as they are in charge of the Caravan of Companions, a group of like-minded allies and heroes who want to help. Each member has their own desires and personalities, though, and these may clash without the player working to make sure that morale is high. This means keeping them fed and sickness-free as well, giving the player much to have to take care of.


Should players lose the one life their character has through the multiple ways they can die in Stoneshard, their company and progress isn’t entirely lost. They can choose to continue the journey with another hero, which will let them retain some of their progress.

Stoneshard is currently in development, with a projected release in 2018. Players can sign up on the game’s site for access to the demo Prologue when it becomes available in the meantime, though.

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