Raldessia Chronicles Joins The Growing List Of Monster-Rearing RPGs



DeNA’s been pretty active lately putting out yet more smartphone games, with the latest being developed in collaboration with Cygame, who you might recall are working on another title involving the art director of Final Fantasy VI and Nobuo Uematsu.


DeNA’s new game, however, is titled Raldessia Chronicles, and is a monster-rearing RPG. The art looks pretty spiffy, and similar to others will feature creatures you’ll need to capture and then train and evolve to become more powerful. All to go beat up other monsters, of course.



We’re beating them up, apparently, because we’re part of the Rarudo Knights group, tasked with protecting the World Tree Raldessia from demons and other nasty things looking to chop it down. You’ll be able to talk to and interact with some of these characters from the above video, such as, from left, Cellica, Adel, Nash and Felia.


There are some 400 monsters to capture at launch, each coming from separate elements we know the drill for – Water, Fire, Earth and so forth—and each having one of the some 300 skills Locations you’ll have to travel around to in the game include Masquerade Forest, the Amber Lake and the town of Wurzelberg which sits at the base of the great mother tree.

I wish I could tell you more about how the game actually plays, but I can’t access the game outside of Japan. What we do know is that rarities affect how powerful your creatures are. And by powerful, we do mean Japan’s absurd power levels. That screenshot above shows a “High Rare” evolving all the way to a “Super Saiyan Super Rare”


Raldessia Chronicles is out now for smartphones.