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Rare’s Multiplayer Pirate Adventure Sea Of Thieves Is About Trust And Treasure



Rare announced a new pirate-themed multiplayer game called Sea of Thieves during Microsoft’s E3 press conference. It’ll be heading to PC and Xbox One in holiday 2016.


Craig Duncan, head of Rare, only said about Sea of Thieves during the announcement that it’s “a game that will allow our players to have unique and memorable adventures together, a shared world adventure game. The freedom to play with limitless possibilities.”


The trailer shows that it’ll be played from a first-person perspective and will give you a seemingly open world to explore. To do so, you’ll need to operate ships to sail across the seas with a crew of online players – some hoisting sails, others steering, and in the case of encountering other ships, operating the cannons.



The idea in Sea of Thieves seems to be to find islands and search them for treasure. There’s a day and night cycle and so if it gets dark you may need to walk around with a lamp in hand in order to light the way. In one scene, the player bops open a chest they’ve found, which triggers skeletons to rise from the ground and attack them.


But what happens after you find some treasure?


In one scene, a player is forced to walk the plank into shark-infested waters, implying that they betrayed their crew. Perhaps it’s because they decided to try to steal the crew’s treasure. It seems like it’d be possible and will pose you with questions of loyalty upon finding treasure: do you keep it for yourself, or distribute it with your crew?

Chris Priestman