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Ratatan Kickstarter Hits $600k, Console Versions in Development

With a month left to go, the Ratatan Kickstarter has exceeded its goal of $139,615. As of the time of writing, backers have pledged over $600,000 for the Patapon spiritual successor. According to a badge on its Kickstarter page, it reached its initial goal in under an hour. Thanks to it meeting its stretch goals, console versions are now also in development.

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So far, the stretch goals that the Ratatan Kickstarter met are:

  1. Online Mode
  2. Console Version
  3. Minigame
  4. David Wise Collaboration
  5. Chiptunes Version
  6. My Room and Base Upgrades
  7. Fireworks
  8. Secret Ending
  9. Orchestrated Music
  10. Additional Rarity Level

Other stretch goals are for the game to come out in FIGS languages and the ability to customize your fortrun.

There is some new information on Ratatan on the Kickstarter as well. As a reminder, it is a combination rhythm, side-scroller action, and roguelike game. You have to issue orders to your cobun using the rhythm and strategize on the fly. A video of how it works is available on the Kickstarter for the game.

In Ratatan, you control the eponymous Ratatans. They are adventurers who can use magical instruments, Melodium, to command the Cobun. Each melodium provides a different effect. For example, Harigittan (whom Hika Tsukishiro voices) is good at defense and counters. Nyandola (voiced by Haruna Yuzuki) is an assassin whose kit accordingly focuses on sneaking up on targets.

Ratatan is in development for the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC.

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