PlayStation Vita

Ray Gigant’s Latest Update Adds A Tougher Boss Fight And More To The Story



Ray Gigant, the PlayStation Vita dungeon crawler by Demon Gaze developers Experience and Bandai Namco released last week, and it’s getting a big update in early September. 4Gamer details some of its new additions.


The September update will add an “evolution” to the last boss to the game, and it’ll require you to grind up your party to higher levels to take it on.


As far as story goes, the update is adding a bit of a sequel story for Ichiya, Kyle, and Nil. The extra story will feature event CGs that will depict the story of what happens after the fights of the three protagonists.


Finally, there will be new options for your second play after beating the game. One will let you keep your previous data to take on a harder difficulty, or the other lets you start a new game with the harder difficulty without any carryover data.


Additionally, the game is going to get an added “Invincible Mode” option, where your allies won’t get attacked, so it sounds like it’ll be a mode where only the protagonist will be the one taking all the hits.


Ray Gigant is currently available in Japan for PlayStation Vita. You can check out our earlier report for a look at the opening movies for all three protagonists.

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