Square Enix showed off a lenghty trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance at Jump Festa this weekend, and FF-Reunion.net provided detailed eyes-on impressions of what they saw. Today, Square Enix fan blog, SQEX Gal, has provided a translation of their impressions. Here’s an excerpt:


These scenes are shown in a pre-rendered movie.

A picture book opens and Destiny Island is shown like a popup book. On the island, Sora and Donald come down, Kairi and Riku look over their shoulder. Sora and Riku fight Xemnas. Roxas is shown fighting Axel with two Keyblades, Roxas tosses a Keyblade to Xion, Kairi glides into Sora, Sora floats down a spiraling staircase, Kairi reaches her hand out and changes into Namine. Sora and Riku fight Xemnas at the Keyblade Graveyard.


It seems like some of these past scenes have been remade in the pre-rendered style. Though it looks like they used Visual Works to make it, it’s beautiful anyways! The fusion between distortion and reality is done so well, it’s a very polished visual.


You can read the full (and very lengthy!) trailer impressions at the SQEX Gal link above. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is slated for release in March 2012.


Food for thought:

Another short excerpt. Classic Kingdom Hearts confusion!

Riku stands before a person with an Organization coat.
Riku: Who are you?
The person removes their hood, and their face is the same as Riku’s.
Riku: Me?!


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