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Tecmo Koei have kindly listed all the weapon types you’ll be able to handle while slaying demons within Toukiden: The Age of Demons. Which one would you personally pick? Me, if I were fighting anything that would likely gouge out my heart I’d fight it as far away as possible first, so a bow’s my choice before swapping to a spear perhaps.




Attack technique: Slash

This weapon is easy to handle and features a good balance of swift, wide-ranging and powerful attacks. A variety of fighting styles can be utilized by using techniques such as the “Twisting Slash,” which enables attacks while avoiding those of the enemies, or the “Vacuum Slash,” which unleashes a powerful shockwave.

[Special Move] Gouge

Imbues Focus into the blade and then inflicts damage on the enemy. By continuing to strike the same location, the wounds will become even deeper, and depending on their number and depth, additional damage may be inflicted on the enemy when finally sheathing the sword.


05 06


Attack technique: Crush

The weight of these weapons means that the gap between attacks is long, but their strength more than makes up for it. Landing a “Fire Hook” attack on a body part will cause it to be engulfed in flames and any damage inflicted on that body part will be increased.

[Special Move] Flurry

With this attack, the Slayer’s fists swing about and are capable of performing combo attacks against the enemy. The more often the attacks land, the faster they become, and when they reach their maximum value, they will inflict incredible damage.


08 09

Chain & Sickle

Attack technique: Slash/Crush

A weapon that features Slash attacks from the sickle as well as Crush attacks with the flail, making it a versatile weapon that can perform a variety of attacks against targets that are both close up and far away.

[Special Move] Agility Charm

Concentrates Focus and creates a sense of nimbleness in the Slayer’s movements. Following a variety of attacks, it can immediately follow up with an attack featuring the flail, even when jumping, bringing it down rapidly on opponents.


11 12


Attack technique: Thrust

This is the only weapon capable of attacking targets from long distances. For normal attacks, the longer it is held, the more powerful it will be. By combining it with the “Quick Nock” option which can offer three different types of attacks, it is useful against smaller Oni as well as larger ones.

[Special Move] Homing Arrow

By targeting the enemies with the circular area that is displayed on screen, it will lock on to the body parts within the circle, enabling multiple body parts to be attacked at the same time. Additionally, there are cursed arrows that add explosions to the attack, causing even more damage, making it the perfect attack for when maximum damage needs to be inflicted at one time.


014 015


Attack technique: Slash/Thrust

Holding these knives in each hand enables rapid attacks which make up for the smaller amount of damage inflicted. They can be used both in the air and on the ground, and since there are multiple options to attack from the air, it provides for fighting styles that take elevation into account.

[Special Move] Spin

Spin rapidly while attacking and slashing the surrounding area. The spin will continue as long as there is Focus remaining, making it the perfect attack to take on groups of smaller Oni.


17 18


Attack technique: Thrust/Crush

Focusing on mid-ranged thrusting attacks, it enables users to keep a distance while fighting. It can also perform Crush attacks by swinging the shaft around the user’s surrounding area. Each of its attacks can increase their attack strength by building up power before the blow, and since the charge time is short, it is a good choice for performing multiple powerful attacks.

[Special Move] Hawk Swoop

After jumping high in the air, the player drops down suddenly and performs a powerful strike against the enemy. This is a move that enables users to attack while at the same time avoiding blows from the enemy.


Toukiden: Age of Demons will be published for the PlayStation Vita February 11th in North America and February 14th in Europe.

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