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Real-World Haunted Places Inform Ghost Theory’s Paranormal Investigations



Ghost Theory aims to take players on ghost hunting expeditions in recreations of supposed real-world hauntings. The stealth/horror exploration game will bring players to places like the Goldfield Hotel in United States, the abandoned Poveglia island in Italy, the Suicide Forest Aokigahara in Japan, and more.




Each location is treated as an open sandbox open for players to explore. The ghosts within them won’t just be waiting to ambush the player, though, as the player must find some way of getting them to appear. This can be done by collecting items or finding evidence that triggers the ghost’s appearance.




The player will have access to various tools to capture evidence of the ghosts on their expeditions. Voice recorders, UV lamps, and special cameras will help the player find proof of the hauntings, which will be evaluated when the player returns from their mission.



The main character also has a handful of abilities to help out with investigations. She can close her eyes when things get just a little too hairy for the player. More usefully, she can see her breath in the air when there are supernatural presences around, and she can catches glimpses of an object’s past upon contact with it.




Ghost Theory is currently making a second attempt at Kickstarter funding.

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