Nintendo 3DS

Really? Honto Is An E-Book Reader For The 3DS? Really!


Honto is an e-book reader for the Nintendo 3DS that’s just been released via the Nintendo eShop. It’s also squeezing two puns into a single word, since the word honto in Japanese can mean both “Really?” and “A Book with…”


Anyway, this is a free e-book reader for the Nintendo 3DS, aimed specifically at younger children. We covered it way back in July this year when Dai Nippon Printing, a major printing company by the by, decided to get in on the action of e-books for a targeted audience even deeper than before.


The application will have its own bookstore that’s expected to cater specifically to the many grade-school children who own a DS in Japan. These are expected to include picture books and simple novels with furigana—excellent if you’re still trying to come to terms with the sometimes dizzying craziness that is Japanese kanji.


The reader’s bookstore will differentiate according to age and kanji reading level, and will also be able to adjust the font. You can also flip the DS on its side and read your stories like a real book, using the touch screen to flip a page.


Honto is out now on the Nintendo 3DS eStore in Japan.