Recite Magic Spells Out Loud To Perform Attacks In Verbis Virtus


Verbis Virtus is a first-person game where you use your voice (using a microphone) to cast spells by saying the actual magic words for them out loud.



Here’s the setting: You’re an unarmed somebody in a dungeon that’s home to all sorts of dangerous things. In order to get through without dying, you’ll need to learn the secrets of magic through inscriptions that you’ll find as you explore the dungeon. Once you’ve found an inscription, you’ll need to pronounce it correctly in order to pull the respective magic spell off properly.


Using your newfound magical powers, you’ll solve puzzles, kill enemies, bypass traps and all the other fun things one normally does when trapped in a labyrinth. Curious to try it out for yourself? Here’s a free demo you can take for a spin.


While spells in the demo need to be recited in English, the final version of the game will use a made up magical-sounding language. Furthermore, the developer of Verbis Virtus, Indomitus Games, say that they have no intention of allowing the game to be played using traditional controls, since that would defeat the purpose entirely.


Verbis Virtus is slated for release in Q3 2013. You can keep an eye on the game via its Steam Greenlight page.



Ishaan Sahdev
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