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Record of Grancrest War On PS4 Shows Record of Lodoss War Guests Parn And Deedlit



Record of Grancrest War is written by the original Record of Lodoss War author Ryo Mizuno, and its upcoming PS4 game features Parn and Deedlit as guests. Here’s a glimpse at the two from a new video.


The above video gives us a first look at Parn and Deedlit from Record of Lodoss War. The two will be available through a product code given out as a bonus for first-print copies of the game.


You can check out our previous report learn more about Deedlit from Record of Lodoss War artist Yutaka Izubuchi who recently got together with Persona artist Shigenori Soejima to talk all-things-elves.


Record of Grancrest War releases on PlayStation 4 in Japan on June 14, 2018. Check here for more footage for the PS4 strategy game.

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