Recruit 151 Cute Characters For Moekuri’s Tactical Battles

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151 cute moé girls are available to be lead into battle in tactical strategy game Moekuri, giving players many, many different options on how to fight in each of the game’s twenty-five stages.




Iruse Strenz is working to protect her village after her mother goes missing, using her magical abilities to summon and control creatures to keep it safe. When a bizarre occurrence happens near her home town, though, she soon finds herself dragged into adventure and war.


Players can summon many different creatures, each with their own stats, abilities, status effects, and terrain modifiers. They also all feature their own unique artwork, avoiding recolors and clones to give players a full roster of 151 unique characters to draw from, adding variety to both combat and the artwork.




These characters will engage in grid-based combat against other armies, and the player will need to use the terrain and enemy weaknesses to their advantage to win.


Moekuri is available now on Steam.

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