Recruit Kefka In Final Fantasy Record Keeper’s New Event

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The “Forgotten Bond” event for Final Fantasy Record Keeper is now available and will be until February 18th.


It lets you recruit Final Fantasy VI’s Kefka, Terra, and Edgar & Sabin (or receive Greater Growth Eggs if you already have them) and find their Memory Crystals. You can also get Terra’s Memory Crystal II to break her level cap for the second time.


Additionally you can recruit Celes if you accept the quest "Complete South Figaro Cave Classic (VI)," as well as Shadow if you accept the quest  "Complete Phantom Train Classic (VI)," and Mog is also recruitable as long as you accept the quest "Complete Abandoned Mineshaft Elite (VI)."


Finally, the new five-star ability Exploding Fist has been added for Monk types. It’s said to deal “five physical attacks to one target, with a high chance to critical strike.”

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