Recruiting Digimon Makes the City Prosper in Digimon World Re:Digitize

The Digital World in Digimon World Re:Digitize is in a crisis once again. This time, something called the “Blackening Phenomenon” is happening, causing the Digimon to run amok. Confusion reigns, and because of that, many of the Digimon have left Primary Village and the shops are left empty. They’ve scattered all over File Island and it’s up to the hero to bring them back.

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This is done by finding Digimon all over File Island and then completing their request or defeating them in battle. As the Digimon return, the stores will start opening again and many other services will start to be offered in the city. For example, Meramon can be found searching for cooking ingredients in the forest. Once you find them for him, he’ll return to the city to open up a restaurant. You can talk to the village chief Jijimon to see how the village is faring in the form of “Prosperity Points.”


As you wander through File Island, you’ll run into wild Digimon and “Blackened” Digimon. Approaching them will cause a battle, although some will wait and others will actively approach you. You can tell which is which by looking at the icons over the Digimon’s head. You’ll have to be careful, though; if you initiate a battle while there’s more than one Digimon onscreen, you’ll have to hold off both Digimon at the same time.


In battle, you give commands to Digimon in real time. The more intelligent your Digimon is, the more commands you can give it. However, if you pound out too many commands, you’ll just stress the Digimon out and they’ll start ignoring commands.


If you find yourself in trouble, you can use a DigiMemory to summon a powerful one-shot attack from the Digimon. DigiMemories are obtained after a Digimon dies, when you have the choice to have the new DigiEgg inherit the old Digimon’s parameters or to save the old Digimon as a DigiMemory.


New Digimon introduced with this update include Meramon, Jijimon, and Beelzebumon. Meramon is a humanoid Digimon cloaked in crimson flame. They’re born from the “firewall” that protects illegal entries on the internet.


Jijimon is an ancient Digimon credited with being around since the creation of the Digital World. He lives in Primary Village, giving advice to the protagonists. Beelzebumon is a demon Digimon that controls many other demon-type Digimon. It’s prideful and is called one of the Seven Demons (which correspond with the seven sins). He stands at the top of the dark army, the “Nightmare Soldiers”.

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